What we do?

The Pole Group supports companies to make the right decisions in growing their business. We help them to discover new market opportunities and advise on how to expand in a healthy and efficient way. Our 4-step process is based on our experience as entrepreneurs and being involved in the fashion industry for over 35 years. We communicate in an open and honest way so that we can focus on what offers the most value for your business. 

Want access to the knowledge, network and expertise we gained over the past years? We'll support you to come up with a practical strategy to grow your business internationally.

Step 1 - Discover

Explore where your company is today and where you want to be within 5-years time? 

- Introduction of your company

- Discuss current business and brand strategy

- SWOT analysis

- Overview of competition and key differentiators 

- Trends analysis

- Brainstorm session on company positioning and new markets

Step 2 - Define

Define your needs and set goals. Together we'll write down your strategy for success.

- Project definition starts 

- Research: customer and market insights

- Decisions on new market opportunities

- Framework ready to be filled in with expansion strategy and action plan

- Overview of potential business partners to start collaboration

Step 3 - Develop

Calculate and visualize what actions need to be taken to implement your strategy.

- Fill in the expansion strategy: company positioning, USPs and definition of brand strategy

- Finalize action plan: strategic roadmap that prioritizes activities, resources and people and/or partners needed to execute in the most efficient way

- Alignment and engagement of team/employees. Prepare to attract new markets

Step 4 - Deliver

It's time for execution. Step-by-step we help you to expand your business internationally.

- Project management: ready to launch expansion strategy

- Business development: establish partnerships to reach new markets

- Branding: (online) marketing campaigns activated and targeted on new business

- Measure and analyse data of new customers (metrics) to increase expansion

Our team

At The Pole Group we believe collaboration is key. We enjoy working in small teams with people and/or companies that dream big.

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