"On a mission to contribute to a sustainable & transparent fashion industry"


Herman Poelmann
Sourcing, Production & Retail

Herman is our fashion expert. Over the past 35 years he has helped multiple companies to do business internationally. From production, buying to increasing sales. Herman not only brings in valuable knowledge to create your market strategy, he helps you to execute upon it.


Wouter de Roy van Zuidewijn
Business development & Branding

Wouter specialises in product and business development. As an entrepreneur he started several companies in the online domain and knows how to enter new markets. Wouter supports our clients with market positioning, branding and establishing new partnerships. 


Wiebe Poelmann
Marketing, Project management & Finance

Wiebe specialises in online marketing and growing companies. He knows best how to reach out to new customers and activate them to use new products or services. Wiebe supports our clients with finding new markets to sell their products and grow their business.